How to Create Music Notes Card

I’m back with the last post from the poll I had earlier! (The F post). So here it is! This card is super simple, convenient, and quick to make card! It doesn’t matter whether you are an artist or not, Anyone can create this simple piece! Here’s the link to the tutorial! Thanks to… Continue reading How to Create Music Notes Card

Top 10 Favorite Art Supplies

Hi there! So, today I’m going to do the A post (A. My Favorite Art Supplies) from the votes from the poll!😀 1. These “Basic” brand acrylic paints are epic!! And have served me faithfully for eight years!(I have emptied a few though). 2. I got these pens from my parents as a gift. These… Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Art Supplies


Hi there! Due to the poll link not working correctly, I’m just going to do a poll straight on the blog!🙂 (sorry about the link not working). Tell me in the comments what you decide on! Please pick 2 options at the most in this poll. Also if there’s something Other than what I gave… Continue reading Poll


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